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Manage your desktop and keep in neat and clean


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FCorp - My Desktop is a super useful tool that lets you easily manage your desktop, avoiding the chaos that can happen when you install or download dozens of elements without knowing their location.

This tool lets you make tons of changes that directly affect the basic screen of your computer, for example, the way that the folder icons look or the wallpaper, among other things that let you manage all the elements and customize them with just a few clicks. The interface is designed so you can to easily and quickly find each feature.

FCorp - My Desktop also lets you take screen shots and automatically change the background. All these features have a separate window that includes all the extra tools and adjustments.

Besides all the other features, FCorp - My Desktop includes a panel where you can view some characteristics of your desktop such as network connections, the sound, the used RAM memory, the battery or the activity time. All these values will remain in the foreground even if you browse other windows so you can manage all your icons and folders while you keep an eye on these data. Don´t ever lose track of your icons and give them a customized image that fits you.
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